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Massage Therapy
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Customized Treatments

Therapeutic Massage in Liberty Hill, TX

Our customized massages are designed to provide true relief by targeting the aches and pains that interfere with your daily comfort. From neck pain to circulation issues to trouble sleeping, massage therapy is a powerful tool that improves health beyond simple relaxation. At Pure Remedy, all massages include a consultation session that helps us customize every massage to target the unique needs of each client, including options for cupping, hot stones, “mini pedicures”, and so much more. Explore our foundational massage techniques below, and contact us to book your appointment for customized therapy.

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Our Massage Services

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Manual Lymph Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is specially designed to relieve swelling, reduce chronic pain, promote surgical recovery, and help your body process toxins.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy targets muscle knots that cause aches with deep, slow strokes that relieve tension and address problem areas in the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.

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Swedish Massage

This highly popular wellness massage provides full-body muscle relaxation and is useful as a treatment to recover from an injury, reduce stress, and provide some restorative “me” time.

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Prenatal Massage

This pregnancy massage offers the benefits of Swedish massage while targeting specific areas that relieve stress, aches, & swelling to support your body and your baby with relaxation.

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Massage Therapy FAQs

To get the most out of your massage, less is better. Most Clients take off everything or leave on their underwear. We are here to make you feel safe and respected. We adhere to strict state laws and the board of massage therapy to keep you appropriately draped with a sheet while you are on the treatment table.

Less-dressed is not a hard and fast rule. If you are most comfortable leaving your clothing on we will adjust to your level of comfort.

Some people enjoy having a conversation during their massage but keep in mind, the treatment is all about you and enjoying the experience. Don’t feel like you need to entertain your therapist! We are here to hold the space you need. Regardless of your choice, please be sure to SPEAK UP if there is anything you’d like adjusted (temperature, pressure, music, etc). We want your feedback. We are trained to feel the areas that feel tight or need attention, however we can’t always feel what you feel. If we are not in the right spot, if something is uncomfortable, or if you want more time in an area, just tell us! We are happy to accommodate you!

Many clients are unsure if and/or how much they should tip their massage therapist. We recommend you think of your massage therapist as you would a waiter in a restaurant. Our therapists truly love what they do, and your tip may reflect your appreciation for their service. Although a tip is never required, We recommend tipping percentages be based on the regular price of the treatment, rather than the discounted price. For most people, this ranges from 15-25% depending on their level of satisfaction with their treatment.

No, we do not take insurance. However, a lot of people will use their flexible spending cards. The patient will want to speak with their doctor and insurance company to ensure that they can qualify to use their FSA card for massage therapy services.

Not statically, but we do treat you like family and we do offer a discount for clients that leave us a 5-star review on Google or refer a friend to Pure Remedy. Once you become a client and share your email, you will be the first to know about our flash sales/specials that we rotate in weekly, monthly, and seasonally. Not having memberships affords you flexibility to book appointments at any time that suits your needs and schedule.

Yes, If you are under the age of 18 you must receive parental consent and a parent must sign off permission on your behalf to receive treatment.
*Esthetics services: Minimum age is 13. A Parent does not have to be in the room but must be in the building when the minor is in service until the age of 16.
*Massage services: Minimum age is 13. A Parent must be in the room or outside the door with it ajar until the age of 16 years old.

Discover True Pain Relief

At Pure Remedy, massage is about so much more than relaxation. Our therapies treat stress, pain, and injury to improve daily performance and physical well-being. Licensed massage therapists trained in multiple types of massage provide our clients with customized services to deliver targeted health benefits that enhance their quality of life. Take care of your body so that it can keep supporting you day in and day out—make an appointment at Pure Remedy Massage Therapy today.

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